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Floor and Vault Competition – Monday 10 July, Thursday 13 July and Friday 14 July

Our annual Floor and Vault competition will be held during Week 6 of this half term.  All gymnasts (except Tots) will be taking part.
Rec 1 Gymnasts will be grouped according to their badge and compete against other gymnasts on the same or similar badge.
Rec 2 Gymnasts will be grouped according to their age and compete against other gymnasts of the same or similar age.
Development Group Gymnasts from Monday and Friday will compete against each other, regardless of their age or badge.
Advanced Floor and Vault Gymnasts will be grouped by age and compete against each other according to their age.
Please help your child in learning their routine.  You don’t need to practice it, just learn the order of the skills and we will teach the skills during the lessons.  Parents/carers will be able to come and watch the competition.  We are hoping that the competition will run during normal class times but timings will be given out shortly.
Tumbling Gymnasts will compete in a team. There will be a set amount of skills that will need to be completed and all the scores will be added up.  We are just in the process of finalising the Tumbling team competition skills and will upload these within the next couple of days.

Download: Rec 1 routines 2017

Download: Rec 2 routines 2017

Download: DG routine 2017

Download: AFV Floor routine Summer 2017

More information about the competition will follow shortly.