Advanced Rec 2 (8 yrs+)

Information for Advanced Rec 2 (AR2)

Our Advanced Rec 2 groups are invitation-only floor and vault groups for gymnasts aged approximately 8-12.  They offer gymnasts who have been identified as having particular talent or potential the opportunity to train that bit harder and longer than their contemporaries in Rec 2, allowing them to progress at a faster rate and work on more advanced skills such as walkovers, tumbling and aerial skills and handspring vaults.  AR2 gymnasts take part in our bi-annual display, compete against each other at our annual Floor and Vault competition and may have the opportunity to compete at external events in the future.  They are subject to continual assessment by their coaches to make sure that a AR2 group is still the best fit for them, and our Rec 2 coaches always have an eye out for gymnasts who might benefit from joining AR2.

Apparatus and equipment include:
Air Track, Trampette, Double Mini Trampette,  Floor and Vault

Days and Times

Monday             6.05 – 8.00pm

Course Fees

Course fees are paid a minimum of half a term in advance. The course fees below, are based on a 6 week term (half term) and a 13 week term (full term). Our terms are based around the Borough of Wandsworth School terms, therefore course fees will vary if the school terms are longer or shorter than 7 weeks.  Please see “Term Dates” for more information.

£114.21 (Half Term)
£242.03 (Full Term)



  • The above ages are a guide to which class your child will attend.  When you join the club we will advise you on which is the best class for your child according to their age and ability.
  • All classes can cater for children with little or no experience in gymnastics as well as those children who are more experienced either through school or another club. We are an inclusive club and therefore can also cater for children with special needs or a disability, therefore please advise us when joining if your child has any special needs.