Display Tickets 2019

Please find below the Afternoon and Evening seating plan for the Display. The seats that are marked RED have already been sold, seats that are GREEN, are reserved and waiting payment, and WHITE are seats that are available.  Please note any seats that are Reserved and waiting payment will only be reserved for one week.  If payment is not received within this time the seats will be released and no longer reserved.  Please be aware that the display is not suitable for children 6yrs or under when booking your tickets.

If you would like to purchase tickets, please select the seats you would like and then send an email to tootinggymclub@btinternet.com with “Display Tickets” in the subject heading.  Please list the seats you would like, including which performance, Afternoon or Evening and which Block.  We will then send an email confirmation and “how to pay”.  If the seats you have requested have been sold then we will allocate the next best seats and let you know. Please be aware that this is not a live Seating Plan and tickets are being sold to members who come in person to the admin desk, therefore this page will be updated regularly.

Click here to view the Afternoon Seating Plan:Afternoon 20 December

Click here to view the Evening seating plan: Evening 20 December