Ticket Sales

Important Information – please read

In order for us to try and accommodate everyone’s ticket request and due to the limited seating for both performances and the suitability of the display, please note the following important information:-

Tickets are currently only available for Adults (16yrs+).  The gymnastics display is not suitable for babies and young children. Each performance is approximately two hours long and it is a long time to expect them to sit still without distracting the gymnasts or being disruptive to their own parents or those around them.  Even the Tots that are taking part in the display will NOT be sitting through the whole performance!  Therefore please make any necessary babysitting arrangements for younger siblings.

How to buy your Display Tickets

Tickets can be purchased from the Admin Desk during normal class times or you can reserve them via an email, BUT YOU MUST be specific about what you want reserved, e.g. how many tickets, which performance Afternoon or Evening, which block A, B, C or D and which seat number e.g. 25 and 26.  Without this information you may not get the seats you want, therefore please spend a couple of minutes checking the “Seating Plans” below.

These plans will be updated on a weekly basis showing which seats have been sold and what seats are still available.

AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE: Click here →: Afternoon Seating Plan 21 Feb

EVENING PERFORMANCE: Click here →: Evening Seating Plan 21 Feb

Terms and Conditions
A Gymnast Display Consent Form must be returned prior to purchasing tickets or an email confirmation sent instead
Payment must be made within one week of our email confirmation of reserved tickets
Tickets are not refundable
Any Returns can be donated back to the club
Ticket allocation is limited to a maximum of 4 per family
A minimum spend of £12 or more with each Card transaction
Tickets are only available for Adults (16yrs+)
Entry to the Display is strictly TICKET ONLY

All Tickets, purchased either from the Admin Desk or via email, will be issued TWO weeks prior to the display via the Admin Desk.

Picture of the Bleacher Seating (from Display 2013)