TOOTING GYMNASTICS CLUB subscribes to the principles of equality of opportunity and aims to ensure that anyone participating or wishing to participate in gymnastics is able to do so in a discrimination-free environment.  Therefore, we believe that everyone is entitled to be treated fairly regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, parental or marital status, disability, religion, colour, race, ethnic or national origins, or socio/economic background. 

The Club is committed to promoting equal access to gymnastics and club facilities for all by identifying potential barriers and implementing best practice to overcome such barriers to ensure that everyone is able to conduct their activities free from direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation. 

Mary L. Wright
Head Coach

Date: August 2018

Equality Policy Download: TGC Equality Policy

Government Guidance on Reasonable Adjustments Download: Reasonable Adjustments – Equality Act 2010


Tooting Gymnastics Club recognises that people need to access publications in a range of formats because of their different needs. TGC are able to adjust or add any of the below elements, and any others which arise as appropriate, in addition to offering a verbal communication if required:

  • Point size
  • Font
  • Line spacing
  • Left justify
  • Word spacing
  • Margins
  • Pictures and images
  • Different coloured paper


Please contact our admin team if you need any help regarding the above. Full details of our communications can be found in the download below.

Communications Policy Download: TGC Communications Policy