Is Tooting Gymnastics a British Gymnastics (BG) Registered Club?

Yes.  We are a “GymMark” accredited club which means that our club is recognised by British Gymnastics and their partners as a safe, effective and child friendly club, providing a service in the community that children and young people, their parents/carers and others with a passion for Gymnastics can trust.

What is the BG/joining membership fee for?

This annual fee (October – September) includes membership to BG  and is primarily the Gymnasts Insurance, without which they are not permitted to take part in the sport.

What classes do you run and when? 

Day/Class Tots (3-5yrs) Rec 1 (6-8yrs) Rec 2 (9-11yrs) Rec 3 (12yrs+) Acro Advanced Rec 1 & 2
Monday 4.15 – 5.00pm 5.05 – 6.00pm 6.05 – 7.15pm 7.15 – 8.25pm Currently not running 6.05 – 8.00pm (AR2)
Thursday 4.15 – 5.00pm 5.05 – 6.00pm N/A N/A Currently not running N/A
Friday 4.15 – 5.00pm 5.05 – 6.00pm 6.05 – 7.15pm N/A Currently not running 5.05 – 6.30pm (AR1)

What do I wear?

We would encourage all girl gymnasts to wear leotards and boy gymnasts to wear shorts and t-shirts. Gymnasts do not wear socks or trainers, all activities are performed in bare feet.

Where do I get a Club Leotard/Club T-Shirt from and how much do they cost?

Girls: Club leotards are available in the following sizes: 26-32 (£21.00) 34 – 38 (£24.00)
Girls: Shorts are available in the following sizes: 26-32 (£15.00) 34 – 38 (£18.00)
Boys: Club leotards are available in the following sizes: 26-32 (£21.00) 34 – 44 (£25.00)

T-shirts cost £8.50 each and are available in the following sizes: 3-4yrs, 5-6yrs, 7-8yrs, 9-11yrs & 12-13yrs 14-15yrs

To purchase leotards, shorts or club t-shirts please send an email to “members@tootinggymclub.co.uk” stating what you require and what age clothing your child normally wears so we can ensure you have the correct size for your child. We will reply back with how much to pay and how to pay.  Once payment has been received, we aim to have the uniform ready for collection for the following session. 

Do I need to give any medical information?

Yes, it is very important that a “Gymnast Registration & Medical Form” is completed and returned the first week of joining the club. This enables us to be aware of any potential illnesses or disabilities before teaching the gymnasts.

How do you group the children into smaller groups?


Each child is grouped according to how old they are and how long they have been attending.   On average there is between 4 – 6 groups of 8 children. 

Rec 1, 2 and 3

Gymnasts are grouped according to their age, ability, how long they have been attending, what badge they are working towards and, if possible, friendship groups.  We do, however, sometimes get it wrong so please let us know.

Do you hold any special events throughout the year?

We have a bi-annual display where ALL GYMNASTS take part and their parents, family and friends are invited to come along and watch. We hold an intra-club Team Competition (General Rec 1, 2 & 3) as well as a Floor and Vault Competitions. In December we also have Gymnast Christmas Parties.

Are there any badges or award schemes?

Tots work towards the Captain Stretch Gymnastics Awards – a themed structure badge scheme.
Rec 1 & 2 work towards the TGC Gymnastics Levels 1 – 12 Awards.
Advanced Rec 2  work towards BG Proficiency Bronze, Silver and Gold

Can I leave the leisure centre and go off and do something else?

If you are the parent of a Tot then you are required to stay on the premises within the sports hall in the parent waiting area, this is just in case your child needs to go to the toilet. All other parents have the option of leaving the leisure centre and returning 5 minutes before the end of their child’s class ready to collect them.  However, if it becomes a habit that children under 9yrs require the toilet during the lesson or parents are regularly late collecting their child, you will be asked to remain on the premises.

Now we have joined the club, how do we re-enrol each term?

Re-enrolment is held during week 3 & 4 of each half term or full term, depending on whether you paid for half or full term.  Payment is made via Bank Transfer. 

How many coaches do you have at Tooting Gymnastics Club?

There are 9 BG qualified and DBS checked coaches Mary Wright, Paul Rogers,  Paula Trinder, Henry Thompson, Izzie Kaufeler, Tahirah Aidoo, Nitya Sharma, Ayoola Sealy, Thomas Malpass

Admin Staff

Stephanie Maybury


Jane Lacey and Thomas Judd