April – May Re-enrolment

Take advantage of the “Early Bird Discount” by paying by Friday 11 March.  By paying the “Early Bird Discount” you can get as much as £6.00 off your half terms fees, depending on how many gymnasts you are re-enrolling.

After Friday 11 March the discount is no longer available and the course fees will be as follows:

Class            Age              Half Term  Full Term
Tots             3 – 5yrs            £50.50          £101.00
Rec 1           6yrs – 8yrs        £52.30          £105.50
Rec 2           9yrs – 11yrs      £53.70          £108.50
Rec 3           12yrs +             £55.10          £111.50
DG1             6yrs +               £55.10          £157.25
DG2             8yrs+                £100.60        £209.00
Tumbling     6yrs +               £76.45         £157.25

Please note that there will be a slight reduction in price for the Monday classes. Their term is only 6 weeks and not 7 weeks.

Please click on the wording below (which is an attachment) for more information on “how and when to pay”.  This document can be printed and is also available on our noticeboards.

How and when to pay course fees April – July 16