Privacy Policy

 Privacy Policy for Tooting Gymnastics Club

Tooting Gymnastics Club (TGC) is a community based, not for profit, sports club providing gymnastics coaching to children. The age range provided is from walking up to 16 years old. In addition, it provides opportunities for children to participate in intra and inter club competitions, displays and events. The club also promotes a volunteer/coaching pathway. The club is affiliated to British Gymnastics and complies with its guidelines.

This policy outlines how we process and use personal information in our dealings with you. We only use personal information for legitimate purposes. TGC is the sole controller of personal information provided for the purpose of operating the club. We only collect data that we feel specifically relates to the services we offer and for such actions needed to ensure their delivery.

We process, store and utilise personnel information for the following purposes:

  • Responding to questions
  • Enquiries
  • Feedback
  • Requests for information

Complaints and Recommendations

To respond fully and effectively to complaints we will only gather information that is pertinent. The information will only be viewed and used by those team members that are required to do so. Once the issue has been resolved to all parties satisfaction and the issue closed the information will be securely stored and archived.

The same process will be followed for information relating to feedback.


We will only use your information to contact you to provide information on course registration dates, end of term dates, to notify in respect of events or activities of interest and general club matters. We do not promote or share your data with any third parties.

Filming and photography

On occasions the club will undertake filming or photography of classes, events, displays, competitions or general activities. This is of legitimate interest and is used for the purposes of coaching, education and historical record. If you do not wish for your child to be filmed or photographed, then this should be indicated on the Club Registration and Medical Form. Further consent will always be asked if photos and/or film is to be used outside club, use as stated on the Club Registration Form.


Information on the club website is not sensitive and therefore safe for public use and is accessible to anyone. Anything which is for “members use only” e.g., photographs of competitions, will be password protected. Passwords will only be available to members only and will be provided via email. Passwords will be updated yearly.

Waiting Lists

  • Your details will remain on our waiting list for a period of 3 years, after which time you will be asked if you want to remain on the list. If we do not receive a response within a four-week period you will automatically be removed from the waiting list.
  • If at any time you no longer wish to remain on our waiting list you can contact us via email to request that your details are removed.
  • When you have been offered and accepted a place at the club your details will be transferred to the main class registers and retained throughout the period the gymnast attends TGC.
  • If you are offered a place but fail to respond to the email accepting the place within a timely manner, then your details will be deleted from the waiting list. However you are able to re-join the waiting list at any time.


Do we share information about you?

We only share information with other parties where we are required to for safeguarding purposes, compliance with regulatory purposes, when appropriately requested by statutory bodies or to support in the provision of emergency medical care. The only exception is when a gymnast is selected for an external competition and we need to share data such as full name and date of birth with the competition organiser. In such cases, by giving permission for your child to take part you will also be giving TGC permission to share the necessary data to facilitate their participation.

Transfer of data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA)

We do not transfer data outside of the EEA

 Do we share your information?

We will not share any information you have provided, without your consent, unless there is a legal or other legitimate reason to do so or it is necessary to provide the service that you have requested.

Keeping your personal information secure

Personal data will be kept secure and will only be accessed by staff or volunteer members as it is deemed to be necessary and required for them to fulfil their role and function within the club.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We keep our policy and notices under regular review. This privacy notice was updated on 29 September 2021

 How to contact us

We can be contacted in a number of different ways:

Email –

Telephone – 07703 599 558

In person – during the normal operating hours of the club

Individual rights

You have the right to view the personal information that we hold about you. Such requests should be made in the first instance via email on the following address:

Retaining of information

On leaving the club, personal and sensitive data will be kept for a period of 12 months and then removed. Badge details will be retained should your child want to return to the club. Where there is a legal requirement to retain information, such as a first aid log, it will be retained for at least the minimum designated period.

Sensitive personal information

Sensitive personal information maybe given over the phone for purposes of paying course fees but will never be stored.

Withdrawal of consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Please do so by sending an email to and completing a new form.

Complaints in respect of information and the Privacy Policy

In the first instance enquiries or complaints concerning the policy should be directed to the data controller via the email address